Gabriel – Example of hard work and dedication

A bittersweet but very proud day today. Gabriel came to Gentec with no manufacturing experience at all but expressed his intense desire to learn and become a machinist during his interview. He committed to working hard, being on time to work and absorbing anything that was presented to him. I’m proud to say that Gabe met every one of those commitments for the last nearly 2 years. He started as a Shop Helper, then CNC Lathe Operator, then Assembly technician and most recently with our most complex mechanical assembly process to date. He was successful in every position he learned and took advantage of every opportunity presented to him. Gabe gained enough experience to accept a new position with another manufacturing company in his hometown to be closer to his family. As difficult as it is to see a great employee move on, I am very appreciative that we had the opportunity to work together and for him to show us what can be accomplished with dedication and hard work. I’m extremely excited for him in his next adventure and to watch him excel in his career. We wish him all the best. Way to go Gabe!

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