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Gentec Manufacturing Inc. is a production level precision machine shop and is pleased to announce that it just successfully certified to ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 Rev. D.

Gentec has roots in the Bay Area and was started over 40 years ago to support the semi-conductor industry. Purchased by the Diaz family in 2001 and hailing from San Jose, CA, Gentec operates its business from facilities over 10,000 square feet with some of the most rigid, high tolerance, 4 & 5 axis machines in the manufacturing industry. The team at Gentec is empowered by management to continually improve the processes they utilize in manufacturing their components and assemblies. At its core Gentec is staffed with precision machinists, technicians and inspectors, and yet deeper at the inner core is the Production Manager Mike Elder an MBA graduate, and President/CEO Mark Diaz, a degreed Mechanical Engineer. This dynamic duo maintains the yin and the yang of the company and challenges the team daily to exceed all expectations and to document every possible way to improve, work faster, and to work smarter, passing this all on to their customers with the highest in quality components and service

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