-In Pursuit of a Higher Standard-


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Gentec Manufacturing is a high quality, team oriented, process driven, CNC Precision Machine Shop specializing in multi-axis Milling, Turning and EDM work. We understand the rigorous quality standards that are required in the medical, aerospace, defense and semiconductor industries and we have tailored our quality system to meet and exceed those standards. We are ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100 Rev D certified and are true believers in the quality standards that a certification represents. We pride ourselves on responsive customer service, flexibility to our customer’s requirements and, of course, high quality parts on time, every time. We have proven ourselves to our customer base and continue to grow steadily but systematically to ensure we are consistently available to meet our customer’s needs. Gentec is a contract driven CNC machine shop capable of large and small volume production orders utilizing KanBan capability, blanket order releases, inventory stocking and complete one-time deliveries. We also offer manufacturing engineering services to suggest potential design changes that may reduce cost and increase manufacturing efficiency. We believe that we are your partner in manufacturing and are committed to adjusting our systems to meet your needs. Gentec Manufacturing truly is and will always be In Pursuit of a Higher Standard.

Our manufacturing equipment includes multiple 4 and 5 axis CNC Mills, 3-4 axis CNC Lathes (live tooling), Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), manual machines and a complete array of support equipment. In addition, we have a significant network of approved suppliers that we use to subcontract services such as EDM, welding, sheet metal, anodizing/plating, grinding, heat treating and powder coating. Our specialty is medium complexity, mid size, multiple process milling and turning of parts of standard and exotic materials such as Stainless Steel and Aluminum to Nitronic 40. More so than parts though, we focus on business partnerships and becoming a regular source for your machining needs. We never turn down a repeat part.

Our quality department centers around a fully enclosed, climate controlled inspection room including a brand new 5 axis Coord3 CMM with PH20 Probe and a late model, ultra precise Mitutoyo CMM.

addfeefe4a127bf3ffff8064ffffd502Our manufacturing department is managed via Visual JobShop management software which provides real-time jobtracking, KanBan capability, inventory control, shop routers/status and the ability to quickly change dates and/or quantities when demands change. In addition to machining, we offer manufacturing review services to seek potential design changes that can increase manufacturability and efficiency while decreasing cost. We have been involved in several Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE) meetings at various stages of the design process to help our clients achieve maximum production results and significantly reduce costs.

The majority of our clients are within the defense and aerospace industries so we are very experienced with the rigorous quality standards and specifications that are required to be successful.


October 2018
Gentec adds a Makino a51nx Horizontal Machining Center! Click here for more information.
October 2018
Gentec has added a full contouring, brand new Fadal 5 Axis CNC Mill! Click here for more information.
November 2017
Gentec has been recommended for AS9100 Rev D certification! Click here for more information.
April 2017
Our Quality Management System is fully AS9100 Rev D ready. It's been a long journey but we now can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Click here for more information.
January 2017
Gentec 2nd CNC Mill cell (G2) is fully operational. G2 consists of 4 CNC Mills, G1 consists of 4 CNC Mills and 4 CNC Lathes. And they said it couldn't be done, no so! Click here for more information.
October 2016
Gentec passes annual ISO 9001 audit performed by Underwriter's Laboratories
April 2016
Gentec embarks on the journey to become AS9100C certified by October of 2017.
April 2016
Gentec purchases a brand new Fadal 402030 VMC!
August 2012
Gentec passes annual ISO 9001 audit performed by Underwriter's Laboratories
September 2013
Gentec passes annual ISO 9001 audit performed by Underwriter's Laboratories
October 2014
Gentec passes annual ISO 9001 audit performed by Underwriter's Laboratories
October 2015
Gentec passes annual ISO 9001 audit performed by Underwriter's Laboratories