AS9100 Certification

For the last 5 years we have considered taking the full plunge into becoming AS9100 certified. Our QMS already complies completely with the standard so I’m not sure why I have been so hesitant to formally move forward. Possibly because we have been working near capacity for those last 5 years and there would have been no way for us to take on work which we would expect to follow after our becoming AS9100 certified. So as we embark on our expansion of adding 60% more capacity to our operation I feel 2017 is the right year to become formally AS9100 certified. Thus, we recently formally signed on with Great Western Registrars to complete our AS9100 audit by December 2017. We’ll keep you updated here.

Thank you to all our current clients and suppliers. Without all of you we would not be in the position we are in to achieve this excellent certification. Your pursuit is our pursuit and we hope we make you proud.

-Mark Diaz, President Gentec Manufacturing, Inc.