About Us

Gentec Manufacturing was started in Santa Clara in 1976 by Don and Dolores Memeo. At the time most of the work that was done was for up and coming semiconductor industry that was quickly growing in Silicon Valley.

Gentec was purchased from the Memeo's in 2001 and the Diaz family has steadily grown it from a couple outdated machines and a single employee to the 12 CNC Machining Centers, 2 CMM's and 20 employees that currently exist today.  Mark Diaz has been in charge of the day to day operations since 2001 and has put every ounce of energy, persistence and sacrifice into its success.  There is no job in the shop that he has not performed at one time or another over the 17 years in the business, which leaves him in great awe and understanding of the skills that the employees possess and what they, as a team, can provide to their customers.  Mark personally bought Gentec entirely from the family in 2016 because he believes in the team that they have assembled and thus his commitment to our customers, employees and suppliers remains everlasting.  Quote from Mark: "Gentec is my pride and joy and although stressful and challenging on a regular basis, there is no other way I can imagine spending my working life."

Gentec has recently achieved our ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100 Rev D certification (ISO Certified since 2005) and is poised for growth over the next 1-3 years with a focus on increasing our presence in the industry.  We are currently manufacturing parts and assemblies for several high visibility aerospace programs for our key customers with extreme success.  We are known for partnering with clients in long term relationships (all of our current customers have been clients for over 10 years) in order to sustain a predictable supply chain in terms of on time and consistent delivery, flexible service, high quality and competitive pricing systems.

Gentec currently employs 20 vastly experienced team members, owns and occupies two 5,000 square foot adjacent facilities, operates 8 CNC Mills, 4 CNC Lathes and 2 CMM's.  We run 2 shifts, day and swing (960 hours of weekly capacity) and are consistently hiring or promoting additional team members.  Our QC department occupies a climate controlled, 300 square foot space with a dedicated manager and 2 inspectors.  Our largest focus has been improving the efficiency of our Quality Control department over the last 6 months, by remodeling and reorganizing the space (5S), assigning new responsibilities and purchasing our newest Coord3 5 axis CMM with a PH20 Renishaw probe.  These investments have proven to meet their intentions quickly allowing us to complete inspection processes and reports with great efficiency since many of our production parts require 100% inspection on major / critical / key characteristics, which we can now supply regularly in formal CMM reports. 

At Gentec we truly believe we are all in this together, customers, suppliers and employees.  Together we are a TEAM!

Latest News

April 2016
Gentec embarks on the journey to become AS9100C certified by October of 2017.
April 2016
Gentec purchases a brand new Fadal 402030 VMC!